Challenges for U.S community recycling programs

Literature Review: Using the 10 sources obtained last week, learners will create a 5-page (not counting title page and Reference page) literature in correct APA style format (using the required APA manual as the definitive source on citation and writing style) following the following process:

Synthesis: Identify recurring and/or major themes. Although each source is centered around the same general topic of challenges for U.S. community recycling programs, chances are good that each source will still have a unique focus. There will also be many areas of commonality and overlap. Identify these overlapping (as well as unique) themes (keeping careful track of which writers referred to them and in what ways). These themes will emerge as the different sections of your literature review.

Writing the review. As a whole, what does this body of research (your 10 sources) tell us about contemporary challenges for community recycling programs? A literature review is not merely a series of separate article abstracts or reviews. Rather, a literature review is a synthesis of the whole body of research. For instance, if a person was in a different class doing a literature review on the general topic of “handling problematic group members,” she might identify 3 recurring themes like these:
There are different categories of dysfunctional behavior of group members
There are some things a leader can do “upfront” at the start of meetings to help reduce the likelihood of problematic behavior from emerging
There are verbal and nonverbal messages that a leader needs to send within a meeting to make it clear he/she is in a position of authority and unwilling to be de-railed by problematic members
Once you’ve identified the set of recurring themes (try to keep between 3-5) that seem to be touched on by many of the articles, these will likely give direction to your literature review. Each theme may become a section of the paper. Using our sample topic above, one section could be “Verbal and nonverbal messages a leader must send to assert a sense of power and authority.” In that section, you would synthesize all the concepts & ideas presented by the various authors regarding that theme.