Choose one from the above questions

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DO NOT alter or amend the question in any way, nor make up a question of your own.
Your essay should draw upon at least one theoretical perspective of Social Justice you have studied on this module, and you should illustrate your answer with examples from social or public policy.
1. Social mobility is what characterises a fair society. Do you agree?
2. Should people be entitled to medical treatment at the taxpayer’s expense for conditions that are self-inflicted, for example through smoking or heavy alcohol use?
3. Is positive discrimination on gender or ethnic grounds fair?
4. Should organ donation be made compulsory when people die? After all, the deceased will have no use for their bodies and millions of lives could be saved.
5. Is taxation the equivalent of slavery?
6. What is the purpose of punishment?
7. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
8. Is it right for the state to apologise or pay reparations for past wrongs?
9. Should we prosecute individuals for opinions expressed online or should we value all forms of free speech?
10. Should Private Schools be abolished in the UK?
11. Critically analyse changes to the Welfare system in the
UK since 2010 in relation to an issue of Social Justice
12. “The underlying inequalities that preceded this crisis are crucial in understanding the complex impacts of the Covid-19