christopher columbuses letter to the king and how his initial findings let to the genocide of natives

Words: 490
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

Critical Response Paper #1
must be a minimum of 750 words (with 1 secondary source).
You may write about Christopher columbuses letter to the king of spain ( I have the letter attached) and how it led to the genocide of the natives and incorporate the poems that i have also attached which were wrote by the natihala people
Topic: Open. Good topics to write about: Racism, Native American culture, The Conquest of the Americas, History, Greed, Violence, Religion, Hypocrisy, etc.
This essay should be analytical and expository.
The reader should learn something from your essay.
Questions that you should answer during your essay:
What is my topic?
Why is my topic important?
What can be learned from the text I have chosen to write about?
How is my topic relevant today?
How is my topic relevant to US Culture?
How does my text help to better understand Latin American culture?

Critical Response Papers that are incomplete, typed but not double-spaced, off-topic, not edited for proper English grammar, orthography, and punctuation, handed in late without a valid excuse, etc. are subject to a stiff grade penalty. The highest grade you can receive for a late assignment is a C (unless you have a documented excuse). Missing compositions will be entered as zeros (0).

These papers should not be simple “opinion” pieces.