Common Sense vs Sociology

Review the slides in this power point (attached) to help you see the difference between what people commonly think about social reality versus what the facts as studied by scholars actually are. The purpose of these powerpoints is to show that there are many things that people assume to be a certain way (such as the “fact” that more teens are having babies than before) but when scholars investigate the issue and collect data on it they find that it is not the case. One of the reasons people often assume that things are a certain way is because they base their assumptions on “anecdotal evidence” (for example, they have a neighbor who got pregnant as a teen) and they assume that the phenomenon is much more common than it actually is.


Read through the Common Sense vs Sociology powerpoints, which highlights how many “common sense” things are not actually true. Then post another example of something about society or social life that is commonly held to be true but is not actually so. Please make sure your comments are about society or social life rather than about health, or some other physical science topic.