Learning Environment Observation

Please read the attached file thoroughly for instructions.

One page of “expanded notes” and 4 pages of text (double space)

Also, below is what my professor commented in addition to this assignment

3) As you know the learning environment observation is due soon. We have received many good questions on this assignment, so keep checking in as you have questions. One thing I want to clarify more generally relates to the format. This paper is not an essay and we are not asking you to make an argument here, so will look different from your usual papers, and different from what the later papers will ask for. While we are asking for an introductory paragraph, to set the scene, you do not need to have a conclusion like an essay would need. It is okay for the description to just end. The paper is a narrative description of what happened, in rich detail, and as such it is quite literal and straightforward. That does not mean it is not a challenging assignment to do well, and I know you are all working hard to write detailed, rich, low-inference descriptions. You are also making choices about what to focus on and how to write about it. Let the assignment be your guide, trust your instincts, and reach out as you have questions.