conduct research and analyze cases involving ethical issues, 1 main post, two responses


Corporate governance involves the rights and responsibilities among different corporate participants and affects the relationship between a corporation and its shareholders. Effective corporate governance requires more than simple compliance with the law. Your consulting services have been requested by the CEO of a large international corporation. The CEO is concerned about ethical issues surrounding corporate governance from a global perspective addressing a specific incident with the company. (Note: you will determine the incident.)
The CEO asks you to conduct research and analyze cases involving ethical issues surrounding corporate governance from a global position to guide the CEO as to what he/she should do.
For this discussion you should:
Describe corporate governance ethical incident(s) of the researched case(s).
Explain what was done to remedy the issue(s) or what action was taken.
Describe the result of the action(s).
Propose what you would have the CEO do for their company’s similar incident.
For your response posts, address the actions and results proposed and explain whether you would have taken the same action or a different action.

Hello everyone,
For this week’s discussion, I chose to cover the Cambridge Analytica Scandal involving 87 million Facebook users’ data being illegally obtained and sold for political purposes. While on its face, this scandal seems like it was only Cambridge Analytica that was in the wrong for illegally obtaining users’ data. But Facebook was also in the wrong since it allowed Cambridge Analytica to create an app to collect users’ data once they agreed to allow access to their Facebook profile. Cambridge Analytica also exploited a loophole which gave them access to those users’ friends’ data as well. While Facebook explicitly forbade companies from selling the data that they obtained from users, Facebook didn’t really have the controls in place to ensure that companies would not sell users’ data. As a result Facebook apologized profusely and was fined £500,000 (about $643,000) by the U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s Office for the data breach.
Since your company has a similar issue where an outside contractor was inadvertently allowed access to a large chunk of our users’ data and has subsequently sold this data to the highest bidder, I believe there are some better steps you can take to ensure this breach of security does not happen again. I believe you should make privacy a priority and reassure all of your users that this particular issue will never occur again. You should also offer at least a year trial of identity protection software. Next we need to give more control to our users on what data they allow us to collect. While we may have some users that won’t allow any data collection, I still believe that there will be a good amount of users that would still appreciate targeted ads and will allow us some data collection. Lastly, to ensure no more data breaches, your best bet is to keep all data maintenance in-house, while also performing more routine security audits to make sure this is not a recurring issue.
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Hello All,
For my example I have chosen to study the case of and its discrimination allegations. A former Amazon manager alleges that she was told by a supervisor to scour applicants social medias in order to determine race and gender regardless of what was filled out on the application. She alleges that wasn’t told to make a decision based off of their race or gender put rather to make sure the application was correct. The amazon employee filed a lawsuit with Amazon after she was fired for retaliation against her supervisors demands (Burke, 2020; Imdorf, 2017). Discrimination is something Amazon has been accused of in the past. Since this incident and others in the past, Amazon has implement a board tasked with the job of ensuring that no applicants are discriminated against in the hiring process. This issue was isolated and eventually overlooked as Amazon is one of the largest growing employers in the world and has hundreds off applicants everyday.
However, if I was CEO of a international company facing similar circumstances, I would immediately email all hiring managers within the company and make them aware of the issue. I would also require each manager to give feedback with what they can do to ensure that our applicants are not discriminated against in any way shape or form. Additionally, I would enact a private business policy punishing any discrimination within the company. Any alleged discriminators will be subject to a hearing from a board of anti-discrimination experts appointed within the company. The board will be compiled of one team member from each region the company operates. The policy will be enforced by the applicants and whether or not each applicant is hired, they will be asked to take a voluntary survey of their interview and application experience. Next we would make team members and applicants aware of these efforts and do what we need to do to ensure our peers know we are non-discriminatory company.
Burke, M. (2020, February). Ex-Amazon manager says she had to scour applicants’ social media for race, gender. NBC News.
Imdorf, C. (2017). Understanding discrimination in hiring apprentices: how training companies use ethnicity to avoid organisational trouble. Journal of Vocational Education & Training, 69(3), 405–423.
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