Discussion: Social Media in Healthcare Marketing

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The article Hospitals Using Social Media for Patient Engagement (http://www.einblicks.co.in/2019/04/15/top-10-hospitals-using-social-media-for-patient-engagement/ ) explores the social media presences of top hospitals who are building online relationships and communities. After reading the article, choose one hospital and highlight their approach that you believe allow them to accomplish the following:
Reach their target market
Promote their brand
Support your assertions by referencing fundamental marketing principles presented throughout the course.
In your response posts, build on your peers’ posts by recommending at least one additional social media marketing technique that your peer did not address.
Note: As you are analyzing the various hospitals use of social media, consider similar techniques that may fit into your own marketing proposal.
To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric PDF document.

Student 1 (30-50 words for reply)
“At Shriners Children’s, we are committed to reaching as many children as possible, wherever they may live, and offering them our unique, patient-centered, wrap-around care.Both patients and health care professionals find they have entered a very special place when they step into Shriners Children’s. From the first moment, the experience is different.” https://shrinerschildrens.org
They offer their very on podcast series which focus on children with muscular dystrophy to cerebral palsy. Also the physician & clinician offer tips & trades of specialty care. And a host of other topics. They focus on improving lives by conducting research to improve medical treatments for children. Their nurses go above & beyond to build a relationship with the children & their families. They has a specialized pediatric care committed to excellence.
With their website, Podcast, YouTube & other social media used to promote their brand. Their logo represent “the governing body of Shriners, with the five-point star to represent the thousands of children helped by philanthropy each year.” https”//www.alkadershriners.org.
Site Search (shrinerschildrens.org)

Student 2 (30-50 words for reply)
Massachusetts General Hospital reaches their target audience by not having one single social media page. They have several pages with each one being retrieved by its own set of specific hashtags. They believe someone looking for something specific about their organization will be able to find it quickly without much issue as opposed to some competitors that just have one large, generalized page about the services offered.
Mass General promotes their brand in this aspect in the same way, because it becomes very customer/patient oriented and specific. Whatever the need, the patient can find their answer or help that is specified directly to them through the use of this multi-paged system. They don’t have to dig through a ton of other information to get what they’re looking for, they simply type in their hashtag and one of the many Mass General pages will pull up the information they desire.
I think this is a great marketing technique. It seems like it would take a lot of people to moderate all of these pages, but it also seems worth it for the patient oriented feature to target all the specificities the patient needs.