Conduct Research on a Company

“You need to think about an organization that you have either been a part of, or you will conduct research on a company, and address the following about the company in a two-three page paper.

Name of the company and the industry the company operates within
Size of the company
Describe the overall culture of the organization, and identify and examine the concepts that you have learned from the week’s readings and lecture. Are there subcultures within the organization?
Would you describe the culture as positive or negative? Why?
What are some consequences of the culture? For example, if the culture is negative, is there high turnover and low productivity?
How does the organization’s management team affect the organization’s culture?
How does the culture of the organization view corporate ethics and social responsibility? Provide specific examples regarding their ethics and social responsibility.
What strategies would you recommend to improve the culture in the organization? What has the company done to maintain or improve its culture in the past five years?
In your two-three page paper (not including title page or reference listing) you are required to have a minimum of three relevant sources from the UMGC Online Library for support (other than the text book). Keep in mind that whenever you use an idea from an outside source you must include a properly formatted APA Version 7 citation. You also need to have a properly formatted reference listing on the last page of the paper (reference listings go on their own page.)”