Current Topics Government Bill

In this discussion you will discuss a bill that is related to some aspect of health that is currently working it way through the government. This will help you to start identifying future current trends in health. This bill cannot be a law yet, and must have started the process of becoming a law within the last year. You are required to state the name of the bill, what this bill intends to accomplish, and where in the process of becoming a law the bill is. You should discuss your thoughts about the bill, as well as to how this bill may affect current trends and issues as it relates to health. The bill can be from any level of government from federal to local.

This assignment needs to be specifid US bill that has not yet been signed into law. It can be specific to Georgia, or the United States in general. Please include the bill and the represtative that introduced it in your discussion. You do not need to discuss anything about the representative, just the bill will be discussed.