Course Reflective Creative Response: Infographic Response

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Note: you can choose to create a typical written paper (Suggest to insert some images to help with the summary)
Course Reflective Creative Response: Infographic Response (15% of total grade)
Conflict will always be part of your lives. How you engage with conflict, approach it, and work with
the tools and resources we have learned in this course can dramatically affect the success or
failure we experience as leaders.
This assignment will encompass all the learning you have experienced throughout this course,
synthesizing key insights,
demonstrate knowledge, skills, and concepts, and
offer practical applications.

This final assessment will be a reflective infographic or creative paper response to the prompt:

After taking LDRS 400 these ideas have changed the way I think about conflict and how I will engage conflict in the future

You should capture as many insights as possible to display in your final submission. Express those insights in as many ways as possible to produce a reference tool to guide your future conflicts.
As you review what you learned for this project:
checking your notes,
course content,
and your previous papers/ forums to prepare your submission.

Take notes; think about the prompt question. Provide references and examples to support your submission.
Final reflection:
Include Communication process, MVS, Crucial Accountability, Negotiations, and Culture.
Capture both key concepts and models and identify detailed tools and skills to apply during a conflict.
Consider how faith shapes how you manage conflict.
Use images, shapes, charts, graphs, quotes, etc.
Use examples.
Your goal should be to demonstrate as much content as creatively possible.

My Motivational Value Systems(MVS) is blue-green. CautiousSupporting (BLUE-GREEN) Concern for affirming and developing self-sufficiency in self and others, concern for thoughtful helpfulness with regard for justice.
The content of the textbook I uploaded must be quoted. Please read carefully the detailed description of the PPT I uploaded is “Communication process, MVS, Crucial Accountability, Negotiations, and Culture”. Because this assignment is to summarize the content learned.