Cultural report- plan a trip to italy

You must write a 5 paragraph (4 pages) minimum research paper on Italy, reflecting the language you are learning. Research some of the cultural aspects of that country like: Fashion/ Italian Food/ Cheese / Wine Regions History / Art / Music / Museums / Cinema/ Famous Beaches / Rome the Capital / Coliseum / Vesuvius / Pompeii / Venice and more ..and talk about the places and landmarks you would visit in a certain city therein. (you can ‘visit’ more than one city)

Paragraph 1: Introduction of what you will be writing about (should not include research, should be about your first impression in your own words) approx. 1/3 page or more. Paragraphs 2- 4: Body paragraphs should include information about the places you’d visit and the cultural side you’ve chosen. Paragraph 5: End your report with a conclusion of your impressions after having ‘gone’ on this trip. In-Text: Each body paragraph should include at least 1 in-text citation (4 in total). Reports missing in text citations will automatically lose 25% with no chance to correct it. Please insure it’s done correctly before submitting it into Turn it in.