Fan Engagement Hibernian FC

Capture data on a football associated organisation of your choice (data capture will be explained in class). Using online social media metrics captured, evaluate the impact of fan engagement and the importance of determining the relevance of such information to the football associated organisation, in particular fan typologies. Based upon the data analysis, recommend a new fan engagement strategy within your report.Capture data on a football associated organisation of your choice. In this case Hibernian FC. Social Media metrics ive taking it from SOCIOVIZ website, so you need to know to explain and analyse the data from that platform. I have collected 4 weeks of data that needs to be evaluated fro each week and with a final conclusion. Also i reccommend you reading my report, the main things are missing is the socioviz analysis and adding more references mainly in text. You can add in the report twitter photos that they posted to put an example with the Socioviz data. In the files i will add too all the weeks analysis of socioviz that all the graphs and data will need to go tp the appendix or in text if is needed.