Culture and religion (St Lucia)

write a five paragraph personal essay about your
culture and what role religion does or doesn’t play in it, and the ways it
affects how you view others from differing religions and cultures. What
assumptions do you make? Have you been wrong? How have you changed?

Each paragraph must be five complete sentences long ( at least).
Remember your basic format: Intro, 3 body, paragraph. But this is a personal
essay so no cites are required unless you choose to use them.

I will be looking for you to use key words and concepts from this
week’s video and PDF, and the other concepts we have worked with throughout the
class. I will be looking for THREE (3) instances of proper terms at least ( you
may have more).

APA format:
Cover page
Double space
12 pt Times New roman font
Indented paragraphs

Youtube video
1. Video: What is the difference between Culture and Religion
2. What is the difference between culture and religion PDF
3.Assumptions about religion ( funny but good points)
Video: Try to Guess My Religion | Lineup | Cut
4. Culture versus religion video

You need do reseach on my island to know the the difference between culture and religion.
My island is St Lucia.
Subject discuss in class. below are some images
Cultural Iceberg, below is pic
what makes a good intercultural communicatorculture and identity
Culture and identity