Describe the five features of Microsoft Excel in a research paper.

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Describe the five features of Microsoft Excel in a research paper.Excel is free to you as a Trident student. If you do not yet have it on your computer, follow these instructions: Install Office 365 from Trident Webmail Go to your student email account and log in. In the upper left corner of the page, click on the “waffle”: Outlook Then select Office 365: Office 365 button Click the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner that says Install Office and select Office 365 apps: Install Office Follow the instructions from there. Data, Information, and Organizational Knowledge In this module, you will be introduced to Excel and some of its basic functions. Here are some lectures to help you with this SLP ITM301 from LinkedIn Learning – Module 1: Formatting Tips to Build Compelling Spreadsheets. Please note that the link above will open in a new window and may require activation of a LinkedIn account on the first attempt. Trident students may use their student email address to access this free subscriiption to LinkedIn Learning as a part of this course. SLP 1 Review Quiz: This quiz will not count toward your grade but allows you to assess your knowledge. Enter the information in the spreadsheet below. A B C D E F G 1 ITM 389 2 Fall 2020 3 Test1 Test2 Test3 FINAL 4 STUDENT NAMES STUDENT ID #1 #2 #3 PART. AVERAGE 5 Tilly, Susan 999-25-5683 84 65 89 90 6 Shulz, Ben 999-52-6938 93 71 97 70 7 Raymond, Dorthy 998-71-2838 62 83 58 90 8 Smith, Betty 997-74-4447 95 94 80 90 Adjust the size of the columns as needed. Calculate the final average in G – average the 3 test grades and multiply them by .90 (90%) add in the 10% of the participation grade. =c5*.3+d5*.3+e5*.3+f5*.1 Now calculate the average for columns C, D, and E. After completing the Excel exercises, please upload the Excel file with your results to SLP 1 Dropbox. SLP Assignment Expectations Your assignments will be graded following these expectations: The assignment file must be developed in Excel and saved as .xls file. Precision: The questions asked are answered. Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic.