Discuss how membership in a specific social group may contribute to the problem.

OBJECTIVE: To develop an intervention and corresponding evaluation plan to address a target population in the field of abuse and trauma, using an identified theoretical framework discussed in class.
You will develop your treatment plan including the intervention modality/ties for a client/ specific population and/or problem. Utilizing a specific theoretical base (chosen from one discussed in class readings) envision and suggest an intervention for a target client population in the field of trauma and abuse. Describe this intervention and devise a parallel evaluation plan.
Develop a 13-15 page paper not including references, charts, or a cover page. It must be typewritten and follow APA format (12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins) and include proper in-text citations and references. An abstract, cover page, and headings are not necessary; please ensure your name is on the top of the first page.
Do NOT use quotes. I want to see your interpretation of the work you cite. Make sure you rephrase and summarize the key points from the literature instead of copying sentences or sections from one article to yours.
Organize the various parts of your paper with the section headings provided (headings are identified in bold).
Your paper must cite as your primary resources at least eight peer reviewed (academic) articles. At least 4 of these articles must NOT come from the syllabus.
Introduction: Client Information (15%) (2 pages)
Very briefly describe your professional setting (no more than one paragraph)
Identify the client’s presenting problem. Include client information (age, sex, gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, family composition etc.)
Discuss how membership in a specific social group may contribute to the problem.
Include a psychiatric diagnosis according to the DSM-5, and a differential diagnosis if needed. Apart from diagnoses, what problems is this client experiencing?

Bio-psychosocial Assessment 15 % (2 pages)
Provide a comprehensive bio psychosocial assessment, including biological, environmental, family of origin, trauma and developmental history factors, as well as other experiences that may have contributed to the client’s current functioning.
Discuss the clients past and current coping mechanisms and the impact of the trauma (violence and/or abuse) on their current functioning. Include client strengths and any challenges based on the cultural diversity of the client.
Examine the interpersonal interaction with the client during your sessions and what might they indicate about his/her interaction with others? Discuss some of your engagement strategies.
What are the client’s treatment goals? In collaboration with the client, discuss your formulation of 2-3 treatment goals you have identified? Your goals should be clear, concise, and measurable.
Background/Literature Review (20%) (2 pages)
Provide a literature review of any two interventions covered in this course content/syllabus and currently used with your target population that attempts to address their experiences of trauma and abuse
Identify the clinical/developmental theories underlying each intervention
Discuss the strengths and challenges with these interventions in working with culturally diverse clients
Summarize the gaps in the current approach(s) to this issue – begin to create support for your particular intervention. Identify missing treatment goals and elaborate how you would like to expand or use additional interventions?
Intervention (35%) (5 pages)
Provide a detailed explanation of your treatment plan and your chosen modality/ies that you have discussed in the literature review section. You may select one or a maximum of two intervention modalities discussed earlier.
Describe the stages that you will be addressing in your treatment plan. For e.g. identifying and discussing techniques for stabilization of the client, techniques for managing emotional regulation may be some. Some items you want to include: group or individual intervention; If individual: how many sessions would you suggest the intervention last; who would be recruited to participate in the group (age, type of trauma, etc.); would you have stipulations regarding who would be able to participate, were you engaging with the family of the client as well, any family sessions included?
Discuss any inter-professional work you will be engaging in as it relates to the clients, working with hospital personnel, law enforcement, criminal justice system, school, other mental health programs (eating disorders, substance abuse, etc.) Discuss how you were able to advocate for your client. What challenges did you experience?
Discuss some of the challenges you encountered during this phase, either personal or environmental/circumstantial or other. Describe how these challenges were addressed.
Discuss how countertransference issues affected your work and how were they addressed.
Evaluation (10%) (1 page)
Evaluation is a critical component of service delivery without which we are unable to determine the efficacy of the services delivered. Based on the treatment plan that you have developed which outlines your treatment goals (Bio-psychosocial assessment), and the treatment being provide address the following:
Describe in detail your evaluation plan, and how you intend to measure the services being delivered in response to the treatment goals identified.
What are your expected outcomes? For example, has there been a change in their depressive symptoms, reduction of post-traumatic stress symptoms, has there been an improvement in their quality of life or ability to become employed? Has their relationships improved or their ability to regulate their emotions?
How will you know it works? Will you be using a self-reported data or will you depend on your subjective opinion of the client’s progress? Will you be utilizing an instrument to measure their progress with a defined pre- and post test?
What measurements might you use to gauge if the outcomes are met? Are these validated instruments that are used to measure the outcomes you are aiming for?
How will the data be collected? Will you be doing a pre and post test? Will you have the client anonymously complete a client satisfaction survey and put it in a box? Will you collect the data in person?
How will this understanding of outcome inform your future work with trauma survivors?
Conclusion (5%) (1/2 page)
Briefly summarize your thoughts & conclusion related to your utilization of the evidence based intervention with your client
Describe what you felt worked with your client and what more is needed to address areas of the trauma experience that will enhance recovery.
How did this assignment help you in relation to the course readings and materials?
Evaluation will be based on how clearly you respond to the above, in particular:
The clarity with which you introduce and describe and integrate the intervention, the theoretical perspective and evaluation; your use of professional self
The depth, scope, and organization of your paper;
Your ability to incorporate research & class materials to support the creation of the intervention, use of theoretical base and corresponding evaluation plan; and
Your conclusions, including a description of your overall learning and its relation to the course readings and material.
Some things to keep in mind:
Clients’ right to confidentiality must be safeguarded. This means that all identifying data concerning clients must be disguised — names, addresses, places of employment, etc. It is usually acceptable to use first names (unless these are very unusual) or to refer to clients by their initials, or give your client a name for the purposes of this paper. Be cautious while providing residential or employment related information. Check with your field instructor so that you can conform to any additional confidentiality criteria required by your agency.
Students should share the assignment with their field instructors. Field instructors can be very helpful in recommending areas that you might target for your own practice growth. If you have concerns about how to describe your client within the framework of the assignment, please bring this matter to my attention as soon as possible.