Discuss how our understanding of first contacts between First Nations people and non-Indigenous people has changed over the years.

Your essay should be 1500 words in length excluding footnotes and bibliography (10 per cent variation above or below this is acceptable).
Your essay should be fully referenced in the Chicago A referencing style with a bibliography attached (please note that you are expected to write annotations below three of the sources listed).
It is recommended that you use at least five academic, scholarly sources (not websites) to inform your essay. It is very difficult to produce work that covers a topic in the requisite depth and breadth if less than this amount of source material is used. If you are aiming for higher levels of achievement, it is recommended that you undertake additional research and incorporate it actively into your essay.
In the bibliography, list at least five different sources of information. Underneath three sources, write a brief (two or three sentences will be sufficient in most cases) discussion of the value and/or limitations of each of the sources consulted.

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