English Discussion Post and Response

This assignment will be split into two parts. A half of a page for the initial post. Due Tonight the 13th. The second half of the assignment will be a half-page response to one of my classmate’s discussion posts which I will send over ASAP tomorrow the 14th. The final answer is due this Thursday the 15th. Thank you very much and I will post the brief below.

The word “policy” is defined as a principle or course of action adopted or proposed by a government, political party, business, organization, or individual. For the purposes of this post and your upcoming projects, we are not concerned with individual policies. Of course we each have policies we apply in our personal lives, such as my policy of never leaving the house without eating breakfast, or policies we impose on our children, such as my house rule regarding turning out the lights when we leave a room, but this post is concerned with policies that govern our collective lives. These include laws passed at the federal or state level; regulations applied by government agencies at the federal, state, or local level; private sector policies, such as the practices of the insurance industry; education policies, such as school board hiring practices or curriculum decisions; and medical policies, such as standard practice for antibiotic prescriptions.

Our lives are affected by countless policies that are out of our personal control. In some cases, the impact on us is positive; in others, the impact is negative. A policy that might have a negative impact on us personally might have a positive impact on other individuals or the larger community, or vice versa. Some policies affect us in both positive and negative ways.

Here is an example from my life: tax levies for my local public library. In the United States, public libraries are primarily supported by local taxes. My local community periodically places a levy on the ballot to increase funding for our library system. Voting yes for the levy is a vote for raising my taxes. I always vote yes, even though each member of my family primarily depends on a library at the educational institution with which he or she is affiliated as a professor or student. I vote to raise my own taxes for a service I do not even use for both philosophical and practical reasons. My vote for the library levy is partially an altruistic exercise, as other members of my community depend on the local libraries; partially an instance of putting my beliefs into action, as I believe libraries are critical to a functioning democracy; and partly an exercise of enlightened self-interest. Regarding the latter, I believe my community is a better place to live if everyone has access to a good library, and I also believe that maintaining a strong library system helps to protect our property values. Thus, the levy that supports my public library affects my personal interests both negatively and positively, though on balance I find the impact overwhelmingly positive.

For your initial post to this forum, I want you to first identify a policy and explain its source (federal or state legislature; ballot initiative; federal, state, or local government department or agency; educational institution; specific industry or profession; and so on). Please be as specific as possible, and do a little bit of research, if applicable. For example, if you were looking at the law requiring seat belts, you would want to know if that is state or federal law and when this law was first passed. Then, explain how you perceive this policy as affecting you personally and how you perceive it as affecting other individuals and the larger community. Staying with the seat belt example, you might discuss how you personally feel about wearing a seat belt, and you might also research the impact of seat belts on injuries and fatalities in automobile accidents.

For your second post to this forum, please respond to one other student’s post. Were you aware of this policy? If so, were you (or are you now) aware of a way in which it has impacted you personally? Were you aware of how it might impact other individuals? What is your view of the policy’s impact on the larger community? (For the purposes of this post, “community” will be defined as applicable. Some policies affect only a local community or people interacting with a particular industry; others have a national or global impact.) If you believe the policy has both positive and negative effects, do you see it on balance as a policy that should be continued or a policy that should be changed?

Your first post to this forum is due on Tuesday, September 13th, and your second post is due Thursday, September 15th.

Create a new thread for your initial post. After you have submitted your initial post you will be able to read what others have posted. Give your thread an appropriate name. For example, I could title my thread “Levies and Libraries.”