Environmental Analysis on the Singapore Green Plan 2030 on Sustainability and Transportation

This assignment is to identify and analyse the elements that define the context in which the partner organization’s challenge is set. In this instance, you are analyzing the business context in Singapore. You will present your analysis in a business report format. This involves undertaking a SWOT analysis focusing on Opportunities and Threats (Do not need to mention strength and weakness) and making predictions about how sustainability/transportation might play out in Singapore. The focus of the advice will center on Singapore’s changing business environment. You will be analyzing Singapore’s performance and opportunities to strengthen its stated sustainability goals.

Using your choice of SWOT (Opportunity & Threats only), PESTLE (Political & Environmental only) and VUCA theoretical frameworks as taught in Modules 1-4, you will suggest ways that businesses can accommodate the new policies articulated through the Singapore Green Plan. There is no template for this assignment as there are many ways to successfully analyse Singapore, your creativity – articulated with strong academic evidence from the reading list and the URLs below:
1. https://www.greenplan.gov.sg/splash
2. https://www.nrf.gov.sg/
3. https://www.mse.gov.sg/
4. https://data.gov.sg/
5. https://www.nccs.gov.sg/singapores-climate-action/overview/national-circumstances
6. https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/32436
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There should have one introduction, SWOT (Opportunity & Threats only), PESTLE (Political & Environmental only), VUCA theoretical frameworks and conculsion should have one paragraph each