Explain how one of the Additional Learning Materials (choose one) related to the key terms and concepts in the chapter(s). Be specific and explain why you believe it relates.

To continue our discussions on Public Speaking and preparing you for the upcoming speech, we’ll talk about the contexts of your speech and focus of your topic. We’ll also decide if we are giving informative or persuasive speeches (they’re informative :)).
We also talk about other public speaking contexts, such as for celebration. In the case of this Issa Rae speech at the Women In Film Gala she is giving an acceptance speech. But it’s Issa Rae, and if you’ve seen her work on YouTube as “Awkward Black Girl”, which she created, wrote and starred in (as well as produced and a bunch of other parts as well), or her HBO show “insecure”, you know she really likes playing with humor.
So this is kind of a fun speech to review before beginning your work this week. (And I’ve included a persuasive and informative speech from TED Talks in the Additional Learning Materials this week. I recommend watching both, if you can find the time.)
Discussion Topic: Discussion 10: Rough Draft Outline Peer ReviewsDiscussion 10: Rough Draft Outline Peer Reviews
For this discussion, you’ll attach your current draft of your outline for Speech: Tell us about your culture. I recommend including as much as you can to get the most feedback.
(due before 11:59 p.m., Friday)
You should submit an outline that includes AT LEAST the following:
Your attention-getter for the introduction
Your specific purpose/thesis statement for this speech.
Main points of the speech (as much detail as possible)
Try to highlight in some way the key concepts/terms you’re citing from the Learning Materials
What outside source you’ll use and how
How you intend to conclude the speech
Include a question regarding your outline, or a concern you have about completing your speech/the outline.
No other question is required for this Initial Post.
IF YOU MISS THIS DEADLINE – please still upload your Rough Draft. You’ll get half credit for a late post, but you’ll get lots of feedback.
(due before 11:59 p.m., Sunday)
Respond to at least TWO peers’ Initial Posts.
Since there is no question in this post, please post Peer Posts that address the following:
Provide feedback (constructive critiques) on their presentation (use the ideas from the chapters on public speaking to support your opinions). One positive comment (things they did well), and one comment on things they can improve (areas of opportunity).
Provide feedback, ideas, and questions regarding the content of their speech and outline. Are they achieving all of the requirements of the project?
Ask them a question about their project.
(due before 11:59 p.m., Tuesday)
Students can earn up to 2 points in extra credit, should they choose to respond to up to two peers’ Peer Posts made on their own (or others) Initial Posts. OR students may choose to make additional Peer Posts to students without any Peer Posts already.

This week we discussed Chapters 11 and 12, and the Additional Learning Materials (Week 10)
To complete this assignment…
Answer the following questions:
What’s something you learned? How might you use this in your life?
What’s something you didn’t agree with or that you had a different perspective about?
Explain how one of the Additional Learning Materials (choose one) related to the key terms and concepts in the chapter(s). Be specific and explain why you believe it relates.
Use Key Terms and Concepts
Using the style guide in Defining and Referencing Key Concepts and Terms, use at least TWO key terms in any of your answers (one can be used in the first question and another in the second, or both can be used in one question).
Submit your response
Students may submit their response by copying and pasting text into the “Text Entry” box or by uploading a document or link (NO .pages files, please)