Explain how racial profiling becomes a public health issue.

Explain how racial profiling becomes a public health issue. Your op-ed can present a critique of current practices and policies relevant to
racialization and health, including the (lack of) data collection on how the COVID-19
pandemic is affecting racialized communities in Canadaeconomically, culturally, and
through increased infection rates. Public engagement in these critiques is much more
robust in the US at the moment than in Canada; we can use our work in this course to
spur much-needed debate and to influence policymakers. Please ONLY use the reading link I provide in documents and no other outside sources.

ALSO: But please ensure that the content of your op-ed piece reflects an understanding of the
main themes and concepts of our course, including the theoretical frameworks we have
studied; the recognition of racial health inequities being caused by systemic forms of
racism; race as a category that is both socially constructed and experiential; a
movement away from individualizing and pathologizing discourses that construct health
inequities as the product of culture or lifestyle choices; and interrogating why
racialized communities are often excessively surveilled and policed while simultaneously
receiving inadequate care and support from the state and other institutions (including
health care).
You do not need to refer to additional academic articles on the topic you’re writing your
assignment on, with the exception of what I wrote above about referencing at least one
of the frameworks and texts we’ve focused on in this class. I encourage you to refer to
other kinds of sources instead, including newspaper articles, blog posts, twitter posts,
other social media posts, etc. (you can use screen shots). I have included information on
how to cite social media at the end of this PDF. Please feel free to go beyond
traditional academic articles for this assignment.
You still need to provide a Reference List, including the readings that most influenced
you in writing this assignment (even if you didnt cite these texts in your assignment).
Which ideas and concepts did you draw on?
The aim of this assignment: to apply the material you are learning in this class in order
to engage and transform public discourse and debate on racial health inequities in the
context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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