Focus 1. Lists 2. List functions 3. Two-Dimensional Lists 4. Tuples

Write a complete and
syntactically correct Python program to solve the following problem:

Write a program for use by
professors at Austin Community College that allows them to read in student
names. The program must be written in
accordance with the following specifications:

1. You must use function and pass the list in and out of
the function.
2. The input must be interactive from the keyboard. You will take input for 12 students.
3. You will input the student’s name and insert/append
each name in a list named “students”.
4. Sort the list in alphabetical order.
5. Sort the list again in reverse order.
6. Append the instructor’s name on the list.
7. Insert your own name at the beginning of the list.
8. Write the list to a file named “names.txt”
9. Display the contents of the file named :”names.txt”
10. Convert the list to a Tuple.