A genogram is a useful tool for helping us to understand the key people and relationships in a clients life. It can also help us to see patterns within those relationships and generational patterns that are affecting our clients. These include immigration patterns and experiences, refugee status, language and cultural barrier experiences, health status, gender identity, and more. Because of the pictorial nature of a genogram, it easily shows issues and concerns in a non-threatening manner.
You will create a PowerPoint presentation that includes a genogram of a family which focuses on multicultural issues three generations back.
You have several options of a genogram to create.
1)You may construct a genogram of your own family. Each of you has a unique family history and we completely understand this- including guardians, foster parents, etc. You are not required to include information that you are uncomfortable sharing or are unable to obtain.
2) If you prefer not to create a genogram of your family, you are welcome to create a genogram of a celebrity or a made up family.
There is not a set number of slides required for this assignment. However, it is important to still meet all of the grading rubric requirements (i.e. including scholarly sources to support your available family information, key multicultural psychology terms from this course etc).
Refer to the attached document for assignment details and grading rubric.

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