global human resource management

From the Books discussion questions at the end of each chapter (25 questions)
1 or 2 paragraphs long answer for each question please.
Discussion Questions CH 1
3 What are the major differences between domestic and IHR?
Discussion Questions CH 2
4 How does IHRM strategy vary with an MNEs business strategy?
5 What are some of the IHRM challenges faced by an MNE with a transnational business strategy?
6 What are the pros and cons of centralization and decentralization of the IHRM function?
Discussion Questions CH 3
3 How can IHRM help to ensure the success of firms with a global organizational structure and a transnational organizational structure?
4 How do networks and learning organizations help to ensure an MNEs competitive advantage?
Discussion Questions CH 4
3 What are the advantages and disadvantages of working for an IJV? An international alliance?
Discussion Questions CH 5
3 What do you consider to be the most important factors of culture in terms of their impact on business?
4 Are national cultures converging or diverging?
Discussion Questions CH 6
1 Why are local employment laws important to IHRM? Are some laws more important than others? If so, which ones?
2 Why are international employment standards important to IHRM? Are some standards more important than others? If so, which ones?
Discussion Questions CH 7
4 What are non-union workers representations? Do you think we will see more of these types of representations in the future?
Discussion Questions CH 8
1 Are immigrants a good source of workers to fill vacant positions? What are some of the barriers to employing immigrants? Are immigrants always welcomed by every country to fill job vacancies?
Discussion Questions CH 9
1 If you are given the opportunity in your next job to go on an extended foreign assignment, what types of support programs would you expect or ask for?
2 If you ever have the responsibility to select an associate for a foreign assignment, how would you go about doing that and what characteristics would you look for to ensure success?
Discussion Questions CH 10
1 What are the major issues related to international T&D?
2 How can the effectiveness of global virtual teams be improved?
4 How does one acquire a global mindset?
Discussion Questions CH 11
2 What are the major issues related to the effectiveness of global remuneration plans?
5 What different tax approaches can be used by MNEs for international assignment compensation?
Discussion Questions CH 12
5 What are the major issues involved in performance management of international assignees?
Discussion Questions CH 13
1 What makes managing employee health and safety programs around the world so difficult?
2 Why have family-friendly and work-life balance programs become so important?
Discussion Questions CH 14
4 In many regions and countries governments face pressures to increase the age of retirement. What are major implications for raising the retirement age from: (1) an MNEs perspective? and (2) an HR managers perspective?
Discussion Questions CH 15
4 What actions would you suggest to HR managers in order to increase their professionalism and competency in handling global HR issues?

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