Historical Aspect of Policing

*Must have access to The Police in America: An Introduction 10th edition*

Because of personal experiences and stories in the media, there are many different opinions on the police. To work in the field of policing in today’s environment, it is important to understand the past and those who have had an impact.
Consider the following questions and write 350-525 words answering the following questions. No title page, please.

Explain how Robert Peel impacted policing. Discuss three of his principles of policing. I will include these in the Week 1 discussion.

Describe two substantive changes in policing during the Professional Era.

Describe at least 2 developments in policing since 1970 (these can be in mangement, philosophy, or strategy but not technology.)

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. This must be a MS Word document, double spaced with a new paragraph
for each question. Write out the question and then give your answer.
Include at least 3 references, one of which must be the textbook.