Historical Context and Introduction

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Prompt In this project, you will write the introductory
paragraph of a history paper based on one of the questions you identified in
your topic exploration worksheet. To do this, however, you must first find out
a bit more information about your topic and draft a research plan. This will
allow you to transform your question about your topic into a thesis statement,
as well as give you the background information you will need to craft an
interesting introductory paragraph. You will not write the entire paper, just
the introduction to the paper that concludes with a thesis statement.
Question identified: How did the U.S. Constitution
came about?
The following
critical elements will be assessed in a Word document that combines both your
research plan (Critical Elements I and II) and your introduction (Critical
Element III). Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Write your introduction. A. Write your
introduction. Be sure to incorporate your background information and to
conclude with your thesis statement. B. Based on your primary and secondary
source research, turn your research question into a thesis statement that
addresses your topic and how it has been influenced by its historical context.
primary and secondary sources that address the historical context of your
topics to respond to the following critical elements. Be sure to cite your information
using the most recent version of APA guidelines. Based on the sources you have
selected, address the following questions:
A. Summarize the topic using
primary and secondary sources. In other words, what was going on in the
world/area/society around the event?

B. Discuss how the historical context impacted the topic. For instance,
what was happening in the world/area/society around the event that impacted how
it occurred?