How religion affects business operations in your country

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Country project: This project requires you to thoroughly research management issues for ONE country of your choice. You are asked to search on websites, retrieve information about management style, communication, and negotiation. Going through this process for 1 country should prepare you for teaching yourself how to manage in a new country. Later in your career, you may need to find out more about a particular country. Final project deadline is June 25 at 11:59PM.
A. Political system (Political parties, any political risk?)

B. Trade environment (Major exports/imports; main trading partners; regional economies integration; tariff and trade barriers)

C. Business etiquette: the proper ways of doing business. This covers a variety of topics (no need to cover every single one of them):
1. Proper dress
2. Punctuality, times of appointments
3. How to greet someone
4. Mixing business and social activities
5. Including spouses in business/social activities
6. Acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics
7. Good gifts to give and gifts to avoid giving
8. How to address people
9. Gestures and dining etiquette
10. Business entertaining
11. Language of business
12. Time difference

D. Cultural Values for your specific country, using the values in the list below. If your country is not listed in the lists, you will have to act as an expert on your country and present your best opinion.
1. According to Hofstede’s Value dimensions…
2. How religion affects business operations in your country…

E. Communication: consider communication style, issues, and problem.
1. Direct or indirect? (High context or low context)
2. How does power distance impact the way people communicate to subordinates, bosses? This is not about power distance but communication.
3. Marketing issues: what do foreign managers need to know about marketing in this country?

F. Negotiation Pattern
1. What is the basic process of negotiation in this country?
2. Do they haggle or start with one best suggestion? What is the pattern with regard to concessions?
3. What are likely to be the important issues during negotiations (in general)?
4. How long do negotiations take?

The final project is expected to be about 6-8 pages (double-spaced) in length (excluding title page, references and appendices). 2) The first page is the title page. It contains the title, team members’ names and date. 3) References will be listed at the end of the report (APA style, check Purdue OWL). Using many sources of information is a good practice. 4) Grading will consider factual correctness, effort, application of class material, comprehensivenescixs, and grammar and style.