ILLUMILID Research Paper

Words: 550
Pages: 2
Subject: Premium Writing

This a reseach paper of a made up product called ILLUMILID. I will list the description of the product below the instructions.

Include a clear and readily identifiable description using segmentation variables.
Which variables should you use to segment your consumer/business market?
How can you evaluate the attractiveness of this segment?
What cultural, social and personal factors are likely to most influence consumer purchasing of your product?
Develop Persona #1 (a written description of the typical target customer).
Should you pursue a full-market coverage, market specialization, product specialization, selective specialization, or single-segment concentration? Why?

Our team ILLUIMID, has decided to write a marketing plan for a product that sanitizes your toilet seat using cutting edge technology and ultraviolet lights. Our product is designed to be portable, easy to use, and hassle free. Simply take the strip of UV blue light, peel the backing, exposing the double stick tape. Then fixate your flexible UV strip underneath your toilet cover. As research has shown, the closer any UV light is to the exposed surface, the less duration it takes to sterilize. There are very few to no products like ours, that is specifically designed for toilet seats. There is a plethora of different products that clean your toilet bowl; however, none are designed specifically for your toilet seat. As everyone has experienced the un-comfortability of using a public restroom and sitting on a dirty surface, our product would not only eliminate that stress, but would also eliminate the need for paper toilet seat covers. This would help the environment with the constant waste of paper materials. As we all know with the ongoing pandemic, sanitation has never been at an all-time high. Our product is one of a kind that helps businesses save money from the constant purchase of paper seat covers, while saving people’s mind from the constant fears of germs. Our device can detect E. coli, hepatitis A, cold viruses, and other forms of bacteria. Our product would be great for use for homeowners, public restrooms, office buildings, gas stations, schools, airplanes, etc. As research has shown, public restrooms host many different germs that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Even if you avoid touching frequently touched surfaces, and regularly wash your hands, there is still a small chance contacting a harmful virus. Our product, ILLUMILID can not only help keep restrooms clean, but also strives for a sustainable lifestyle

The Market for the use of UV light as a disinfectant is fairly large. However, only a few brands utilize UV light to disinfect toilets. UV light disinfectants are not widely used in public spaces.
Reducing waste by eliminating the need for toilet seat covers.
The primary target segment and secondary target segment are Hospital and elderly