Human Services Ethics

Human Service Ethics: !5 y/o Derek suffers from severe autism. he has a long history of self-injury and outbursts. His Mother kelly is a single parent with three other children ages 2,6, and 9. She works two jobs, full-time and part-time. Kelly’s elderly Aunt Ms. Coleman is afraid of Derek. Kelly is in danger of losing her primary job, which will put the family in danger of being homeless. Kelly has contacted Austim Training Center (ATC) for assistance.
I am Randall Hernandez, LPC Derek’s case manager. Based on the interviews , the family is severely stressed. As the case
manager, you have two choices:
1. Given the severity of Derek’s behaviors and the fact that he’s a danger to himself and others you recommended immediate hospitalization.
2. While Derek’s behavior is sometimes dangerous, he is often quite placid. You recommended a specially trained in-home aide to assist his mother and his Aunt with his care. also a respite worker once weekly.
Now, develop a plan and the consequences of each choice in addressing the following:
Identify which choice you feel is best for Derek and his family ( I feel hospitalization)
Explain why you believe this course of action is best ( to staple Derek)