Increase Car break-in in and theft in the bay area

research-based problem-solution essay

1.What is the problem? What proof do you have that it exists? Is it getting worse?
2.Why should your audience care? How does the problem affect them?
3.What is your tentative claim or thesis? Example: “We need to change/fix/improve/….”
4.How would you solve the problem? What are a few possible solutions?
5.Which solution do you think is likely to be the best? (It is ok if your answer is tentative.)
6.What is your call to action? What do you want people to do?

I.Introduction and explanation of the problem

II.Identify the problem
1.Background and history of the problem
A.Solution one: pros and cons
B.Solution two: pros and cons
C.Solution three: pros and cons (as needed)
A.Final recommendation
B.Call to action