Reparations like should they pay african amerians

Your Task: Carefully read each of the four texts provided. Then, using evidence from at least three of the texts, write a well-developed argument regarding reparations. Clearly establish your claim, distinguish your claim from alternate or opposing claims, and use specific and relevant evidence from at least three of the texts to develop your argument. Do not simply summarize each text.
Although there are definitive arguments against reparations, reparations are owed to African Americans because of the harm done to both the community and to the individuals.
While people debate over if reparations should or shouldn’t happen, because taxpayers would have to pay and it isn’t their fault or it should happen because for people who had family members that were slaves.

Why is this non-exemplar: doesn’t take a clear side.
While there are various reasons as to why reparations would be valid, they should not be given because money for them would be taken from innocent people and they could cause further conflict between citizens.
Reparations should not be given to African Americans because money would come from taxpayers who have nothing to do with slavery. Also, money does not solve problems and would only lead to further conflict.

Why this is non-exemplar: Does not offer concession to the other side.
Even though there are legitimate reasons to support the argument for reparations to be paid to African Americans, they should not be given to ex slaves because nobody knows who is going to pay for them and money will not solve the problem; it will only cause bigger conflict.
African Americans should receive reparations because it would be fair to receive them for their ancestors’ work since they wouldn’t be able to receive them. Another reason African Americans should receive reparations is because it wouldn’t just help individual African Americans, it would also help African American groups.

Why this is non-exemplar: VERY wordy and unclear. Doesn’t address the other side.