Issues in Nursing

Length: 1300 words minimum (MLA Style Format)

Source: Minimum of 5 – 7 sources.

Objective: Enter the conversation of of your career or major, and show that you understand the issues being discussed, and involve yourself in the dialogue by offering your informed opinion on a current issue in your major. This may be a problem you wish to solve, an radical change you think needs to be made, a redefinition of an term, or just taking your own stand that is different from others. In order to do this, you should (1) use exposition to illustrate your understanding of what is being said about your issue, which includes (2) explaining any background or definitions needed for your audience to understand you, (3) address any Naysayers, and (4) develop your own idea about the current issue using arguments and evidence to persuade your audience to consider your views on the subject. (Remember, it is not necessary to get them to agree with you, only to take your position seriously.)

• Research information concerning an issue and obtain the information needed to become informed.
• Quote, paraphrase, and summarize evidence to support your observations and arguments effectively.
• Present a review of the issue – current ideas, main issues, etc.
• Include a Naysayer argument in your paper and (1) disagree (refute), and (2) agree with a difference, or (3) incorporate the
idea into your own argument.
• Present the main point of the essay and its supporting ideas; then, respond to the author’s points in a logical and reasonable
• Explain why your audience should care about this topic.
• Document the source appropriately using MLA guidelines