Leadership Communication Assignment

an essay apa format x5 pages not including tittle nor reference page

For this one is a memorandum format about

Leadership Communication Assignment

Review the video: Effective Communication

For this assignment, you will be creating a leadership communication for your organization in which you communicate the mission, vision, and values of the organization, and it is importance to employees and organizational success. Explain your expectations for how they will assist employees, and the organization in attaining the organizational goals. Provide research to support your assertions.

The format for this assignment can be one of the following:

PowerPoint with speaker notes or audio
Memorandum Format
Some things to remember:

Because you are addressing employees – you can use first and second person (i.e., I, we, us, you, your).
If you are in the military, you can either use the military or select one you are interested in working with upon separation from the military. If you do use your current branch service, the terminology may be slightly different – which is okay – you do not need to convert to civilian terminology.
The intent of this assignment is to practice communicating effectively and concisely as a leader.