Marine Biology Research Idea

For my Directed Studies I would like to lab research “the righting behaviour of the sea stars (Asteroas) in the presence of pray” which I will examine their foraging strategies and in which phase of feeding.

My study will be a lab experience although I will have to go to the field to collect my samples. I plan to colle hict them from the bay of fundy as appose to the local Warf in case of contamination.

Below is what is required of this idea. Minum of 3 scientific articals/journals of a similar idea.

Title: Must be descriptive of the project.

Research question: A brief description of the question that the study will address

Hypothesis and prediction: Provide separate statements of a hypothesis and a prediction. These must be clearly worded and relate to the question you are addressing, with the prediction following logically from the hypothesis. Also, ask yourself whether your prediction is specific enough that you could draw it in a figure.

Note, if your research question is one where there isn’t sufficient information to develop a logical research hypothesis you can test (ie it’s more exploratory), you don’t need to have a hypothesis and a prediction. If you think this is the case, discuss this with your mentor before making this decision. In this situation, you will instead need to explain what type of information you will collect to address your research question and how this will address your question.

Approach: A description of the experimental/sampling approach you will take in addressing your research question. This includes what type of study you will be doing (observational vs manipulative, field vs lab), the type of data you will collect and how you will collect it, what the experimental treatments are (if applicable), what your study sites will be (or location of collection of organisms for lab study), the spatial and temporal arrangement of sampling, number of replicates, and whether there are additional variables you will measure. Provide enough information so that we can understand how you will do the research and provide feedback on if anything is missing and whether your sample size is adequate to get a result.