Difference between employee and general contractor

Write a four- to six-page paper address the following:
-Describe and discuss the differences between an “employee” and an “independent contractor.”
-Examine the labor laws that frame such categories. Illustrate how one can distinguish the two, and give real examples from your experience.
-Describe the type of work performed.
-If you experienced both, which position do you prefer, employee or independent contractor?
-Explain why, and what are the advantages and disadvantages you experienced.
-If you do not have the experience, provide examples from the literature. Use the literature to highlight such differences.

Make sure you have at least six (6) peer-reviewed sources, one of which includes the U.S. Department of Labor website.

Text book: Clarkson, K. W., & Miller, L. C. (2021). Business law: Text and cases (15th ed.). Cengage.