Marketing: Social Media and Self Branding “Coca Cola Dicussion Post”

NB: No plagiarism.

Coca-Cola has long been an active marketer amongst soft drink brands, slowly building a global brand that associates their product with emotions and good feelings. In pre-social media campaigns, Coca-Cola was famous for their “I’d like to teach the world to sing” campaign where the world was pictured united through the brand. Review Coca-Cola’s latest social media campaigns (not paid advertising) across multiple social media sites. Look at factual information such as likes, shares, and comments to determine the ‘legs’ of the campaign. Consider how they use coordinated messaging across platforms that demonstrates how the company wishes to position itself.

Initial Post Prompt:
1. Review the latest social media campaign from Cola-Cola (organic, not paid). What is its current focus? Search Tik-Tok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. for examples.

2. Does this campaign share characteristics of past campaigns? How is it different?

3. What has been the reaction to the campaign. Search post comments and characterize their sentiment. Is the fan base engaged?