Drugs and Sports

How it impact the sports.

Project One
Define an informational essay by
researching the genre conventions
Identify a problem or issue that you’re
interested in learning more about
Learn about parts of an essay
Format the essay according to MLA
Find and use at least 2 credible
Include a works cited
Science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler (1947–
2006) specialized in speculative fiction, an
umbrella term for writing that includes sci-fi,
fantasy, horror, and superhero stories. For
Butler, there were at least three main
approaches to the genre. You could tell
stories that explained “what if,” “if only,” or “if
this goes on.” For this assignment, you will
identify an issue or problem that impacts you
or your community and consider the “what if,”
“if only,” or “if this goes on” scenario. Your
goal is to fully explain and explore the
issue in an informational essay. You will
continue to work with this topic throughout
the course. Choose something you want to
write about multiple times.
Brainstorm: Make a list of problems or
issues that you understand to have an
impact on your or a community you
identify with.
Shitty First Drafts: Write down everything
in your head. It doesn’t need to be
perfect; it just needs to be on the page
Revise your draft and make sure it’s
following the “rules.” These rules include
lower order things like MLA format and
higher order things like the rules of an
informational essay.
What’s a problem that has impacted you in
your lifetime?
What’s a problem that has impacted your
What’s a problem or issue that you’re
passionate about?
Can you teach your audience something
Is your potential topic interesting?