Mid-Term Assignment

The organization I am working at is the Bronx Academy for Multimedia (BAMM). It is a middle school in the Bronx. The middle school is at stage 5. Stage 5 is reinventing and renewing.

Mid-Term Assignment
Organizational Life-Cycle and Capacity Profile
The organizational life cycle stage and capacity of a non-profit social service agency significantly impacts how it delivers services to its clients. As such, advanced generalist practitioners must be able to identify, as well as analyze, the organizational life cycle stage and capacity of any given non-profit social service agency. This assignment requires you to develop an organizational life cycle stage and capacity profile of your fieldwork placement agency. In identifying the life cycle stage, please use any one of the life cycle stage models that were presented in the class readings. In analyzing your agency’s capacity, please use the (1) McKinsey model available at https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newSTR_91.htm
or the (2) Simon model available in the following required text: Simon, J. (2004). The five life stages of nonprofit organizations. St. Paul, MN: Amherst Wilder Foundation.
This assignment provides opportunities to apply knowledge about the McKinsey and Simon theoretical approaches so that you will be able to learn how to perform an organizational life cycle and capacity profile. Your work will be expected to reflect your ability to model administrative decision-making that is based on social work values and ethics.
This profile, which will be a minimum of five pages excluding cover and reference page, should provide the following information in narrative form:
A desсrіption of the agency that includes a brief history, mission statement, clients served, funding sources and organizational chart (If you can obtain a copy of your agency’s organizational chart, please attach it to your paper).
A desсrіption of the organization’s current life cycle stage (Simon Model: please include examples to support your choice).
A desсrіption of your agency’s effectiveness/ ineffectiveness across the seven areas of capacity (aspirations, strategy, organizational skills, human resources, systems and infrastructure, organizational structure, culture): the McKinsey model.
A desсrіption of what you learned about your agency’s life cycle stage and capacity that can help you with development of your administrative practice and will be consistent
with social work ethics.
Your paper should be double-spaced, in 12-point type, with one-inch margins on each side. Use APA format for citations, which will be placed on a separate references cited page at the end of your paper. Grading will include my assessment of how well you have addressed the directives of the assignment, and the clarity of your writing, which includes adherence to APA 7th edition guidelines for in-text and reference page citations. This assignment is worth 30% of your grade.
Grading will be based on my assessment of the following: (a) how well you addressed the directives of the assignment; (b) how well you integrated the class readings into your paper; (c) clarity of your writing; (d) adherence to APA7th edition format for citations and reference page.