Natural Hazard

Choose a Natural Hazard that most interests you such as earthquakes, volcano, tsunamis, landslide, tornado, hurricane, etc., and conduct online research to write a research paper. Based on the research paper you selected, you should submit as an attachment at least two pages document following the rubrics listed below.
Introduction paragraph: includes the title of your natural hazard and a summary describing your natural hazard and explaining why you are most interested in this particular hazard (5 pts, at least half page).
Discussion paragraph: discuss the findings in your research with respect to: (A) What is the cause of the hazard and how does it acquire energy? (B) What are the damages caused by it? (C) Can it be predicted? If so, how? If not, why? (15 pts, at least one page)
A paragraph of your reflection: explain how you will apply what you have learned from your research regarding: (A) What should you do if this happens? (B) Where is the safest place to be? (C) What is the plan of action before, during and after the disaster? (5 pts, at least half page)
Figure or Illustration, and at least three references, on separate page and is not counted as part of the at least two pages. (5 pts).
Format of the attached word or pdf document: 12 pt Times New Roman (font), 1.5- line spacing, minimum 3 paragraphs (introduction, discussion, reflection) within the at least two- page document. (pdf. doc and docx is accepted)