Personal experience About My self

This course will provide a refresher on the parts of speech, as well as focus on the process of writing and how to improve writing skills. You will learn more about the process of writing, as well as write your own personal narrative! You might be asking yourself why am I having to write a story about myself if I don’t want to be a writer? The truth is, learning to write in detail is beneficial not just when moving on to higher education but in a number of career paths as well. For example, as a nurse you want to have detailed notes for the doctor, people who join the military are often required to write detailed reports of their missions and day-to-day training, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and you have the next great idea but need a loan to help pay for the start-up and the bank wants a detailed write up of your plans, just to name a few real-life applications of the detailed writing you will learn about in this course. Beginning with a topic as natural as writing about yourself is a great place to start!