Plagiarism and APA Review Assignment

Assignment Description
The correct application of APA writing and referencing style is a requirement for many assignments that students must complete in college programs. This Plagiarism and APA Review Assignment is intended to review 3 basic types of source text use (quotation, paraphrase and summary) along with the specific documentation formats for in-text and References page (bibliographical) citations; signal phrases and their use in quote integration are also included.
You are encouraged to use the APA Style Blog Reference Examples or the online APA Formatting and Style Guide (7th edition) found at Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL). You will identify and create examples of correctly quoted, paraphrased and summarized material that are all accurately documented in APA documentation style (including a References Page).
Assignment Directions
1. Review the assignment questions.
2. Complete all questions in the spaces provided on the assignment worksheet.

Signal Phrase, In-text Citations and References Page (21 points)
For each of the items below, insert a signal phrase and in-text citation according to APA documentation style (12 points). In other words, show how you would use each item in an academic paper (see example below).
Then, create a “References” page that contains bibliographical information for each cited item. To do this, you should add three items in total to the “References” page located on page 5 of this document (9 points).
This quotation is taken from page 1139 of an article written by Roddrick A. Colvin and Kwan-Lamar Blount-Hill. The work was published in 2020 in a journal titled Public Administration Review.
“the #MeToo movement has been an undeniable force for good by giving voice to individuals who might not otherwise have their voices heard speaking about the nature of sexual impropriety”

Colvin and Blount-Hill (2020) argue that “the #MeToo movement has been an undeniable force for good by giving voice to individuals who might not otherwise have their voices heard speaking about the nature of sexual impropriety” (p. 1139).
1. This paraphrase is taken from page 228 of an article written by Lisa Belzak and Jessica Halverson titled “The Opioid Crisis in Canada: A National Perspective” published in 2018 in a journal named Health Promotion and Chronic Disease in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice. (3 points)
People with access to prescription medications, at least six months before dying from an opioid overdose, were most often prescribed opioids, anti-depressants and/or benzodiazepine.

2. This summary is from an article written by B. Goldstein, R. Moses, N. Sammons, and M. Birkved titled “Potential to Curb the Environmental Burdens of American Beef Consumption Using a Novel Plant-based Beef Substitute” and published in 2017 in the journal named PLOS ONE. (3 points)
It is possible that by replacing animal proteins with plant-based burger meat, significant reductions in GHG emissions, water use and farmland consumption can be achieved; the trick, however, is convincing people to make changes in their diet choices.
3. This quotation is from an online newspaper called Canada’s National Observer. The article was written in 2021 by Jillian Ambrose and titled “Rise of Electric Vehicles Poised to Slash Oil Demand by 2030.” It was found in paragraph 6. Provide two different examples of in-text referencing formats (TIP: Parenthetical and Narrative). (6 points)
“more than two million barrels a day of diesel and petrol by 2030, and save the equivalent of 120 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.”
Answer A:
Answer B:

Colvin, R. A. & Blount-Hill, K. (2020). Truth and reconciliation as a model for change in response to #metoo. Public Administration Review, 80(6), 1138-1141.