Policy paper about the military

Identify empirical research articles, books, videos, addressing military policies and issues concerning
diversity in the military, family advocacy, child welfare, deployment, discrimination, domestic
violence, oppressed groups, mental health, health care, retirement, human services, etc. Provide a
summarization of policies and resources. Also, include a brief analysis of each policy and discuss
how the policies impact social work practice and how resources may be used in training, education
and social work practice. The paper should follow APA format and a maximum of 12 pg

Thesis Statement –
States the paper purpose and policy proposal 2-3 sentences in 3-4 pages. aper’s
purpose and policy proposal in 2-3 engaging sentences that are identifiable in the first 3-4 pages
Introduction –
Includes thesis, sets out the reasoning about why the topic is a problem that needs to be fixed.
Engaging draws the reader in; includes the thesis; sets out the reasoning about why topic is”problem” that needs fixed

History of topic, discussion of current policies and scholarly debates about topic,
Is well-organized; Includes thorough history of topic, thorough discussion of current policies and scholarly
Development of Idea/support for Ideas

Encourages readers to think some more
8 Sources/ references