Poster Presentation

– you must create a 1500 word PowerPoint including visual materials.
– you must write a 2000 word script separately – describing everything that happens in each slide.

The PowerPoint presentation:
– The PowerPoint should engage critically and creatively.

– You MUST closely analyse – “Grenfell Tower, June 2017” by Ben Okri (please see attached)
– you MUST have critical engagement with the book – After Grenfell: violence, resistance and response (please see attached)
– you MUST also have critical engagement with the film Grenfell by Steve McQueen
– you MUST also add your own poetic response to a place
– you MUST include visual material that illustrates your written response (eg, maps, photographs, hand drawn images, experimental layouts such as collage)

– your script should offer a verbal reflection on the process of making your PowerPoint presentation. This might include –
– your personal experiences of engaging with Theo rival, literacy and artistic responses to place and space.
– how the presentation had changed the way you understood and relate to place and space.
– why you chosen the primary materials for your poster presentation
– why you shove the visual materials to illustrate your poster presentation

You do not need to worry about referencing.