Preserving Our Future Scholarship Opportunity

Scholarship information:
Produce a 700+ word article describing the challenges we must address in the future to ensure the prosperity of
the worldwide bee population and why you think their survival is key to a better future.

At D-Tek Live Bee Removal, we realize that our fate will be formed by those who are visionaries. During this moment in history, modern environmentalists from all over the earth are realizing the need for research, improving the means to understanding environmental changes, honey bee population and what the bee population demise means to humankind.
We meet many motivated individuals with great visions, unrivaled resolution and an earnest passion to improve our earth for the better. Potential like that should be supported, strengthened, and nurtured till it evolves to transform our society, positively affecting our way of life. At D-Tek Live Bee Removal we want to provide these enterprising individuals with an opportunity to support their aspirations.

Application information
Fill out the form and include your article as an attachment with the title “Preserving Our Future Scholarship Opportunity” and include your name. Include D-Tek Scholarship Essay in the subject of your message and submit. Or you may also email to with the following information:
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-Field of study:
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