Prevention Strategies Assignment Explanation

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Prevention Strategies Assignment Explanation
This project paper will have three sections: (1) Disease Prevention, (2) Disease Prevention Presentation, and (3) Pamphlets, Brochures, or any other ancillaries.

Disease Prevention Narrative Section

Select one disease from the below disease categories.
Cancer (breast, cervical, prostate, oral, skin, or others)
Oral Health
Injury Prevention
Cardiovascular Disease (hypertension, stroke, or others)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (HPV, herpes, or others)
Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, Malaria, or others)
Discussion of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention
Disease Prevention Presentation Section

Identify a target audience and provide the information for this presentation that you feel would be pertinent to this audience.
Evidence Summary of research and epidemiological support.
Audience Summary of the tailored content for this audience.
Presentation Resources Developed for this presentation (pamphlets, brochures, handouts, etc.)

Except for the presentation resources all written documents must be in APA style with cover and reference page. At minimum two scholarly references must be included, i.e., peer-review articles.
Please review examples provided before final submission.
The sections of this paper can be submitted as three separate documents or one complete to the submission link. Written documents must be in MS Word.