Product Strategies

Assignment: You are to pick a consumer product and show how the marketer of that product uses ‘product differentiation’ to create a unique selling proposition. In your text you will find several elements that go into the creation of a brand differential and the development of the brand equity or value. Be sure and use the text material to support what you think the marketer is doing with the product and possibly the promotion of the product. Be sure and also compare this product to competition so you can show how the brand is positioned in the market place. Be complete in your explanation and support material. Don’t wait until the due date–submit early and avoid any scheduling problems that you might have.
Textbook: Marketing, 7th. ed. by Grewal and Levy, 2020
Professor also said: On the paper, be sure and use either text reference support or some outside material as support. Be complete with examples. Be sure to reference the material from chapter 11 in your paper. Show how the elements of the product you choose reflects the concepts/strategies you learned in this chapter.
I would hope for the product of choice to be something that is not too common, but common enough that there are various competitors. Maybe something like candles. Bath and Body works is very known for them, and while there may be others in the market selling candles, Bath and Body Candles are highly sought out for as they last a long time and smell amazing. There candles can be the product of focus.