Project Management Software Review

Software tools are extensively utilized in the management of aviation/aerospace projects. There is a vast array of software tools available today to assist managers by providing timely and accurate information throughout all phases of a project`s life cycle. In this module, you will become familiar with the scope of software tools that exist and their uses. To complete this assignment, conduct appropriate research to identify some of the software tools available to aerospace project managers. Five to six programs should be reviewed and summarized per the assignment questions asked. Provide a report of your findings, which will be general in nature. The objective is to become familiar with the array of project management software tools available. Make sure to include ProjectLibre in your search. The report should include the following sections: Types of software tools found and their potential use/utility to aviation/aerospace project managers. Cost of various software tools. (Prices may not be easily obtained. You can estimate high, moderate, low.) Ease of user operation. (Does it appear the tools would be easy to use or require extensive training?) please make sure to mention ProjectLibre.