Reflection Paper on Sexism in Family Films

You will need to find an episode of one of your favorite childhood cartoons or a film and watch it, easy enough! However, as you watch this episode or film keep in mind what you learned from the article about sexism in family films.
Write a two-page reflection on the extent to which the cartoon episode or film preserved gender stereotypes and/or pushed back against them. Make sure to write about the difference between sexism and sexist using examples of behavior that you saw and how socially we approve of them.

In your paper you must be able to clearly identify what the sexist message was.
• You can even state “the sexist message was….”
• You must be able to clearly support using examples of what the sexist message was by pointing out some sexism characteristics we apply socially.
• You can even state “As a society we support … as seen in this scene”
• For example, highlight concepts covered in your text book to support your reflection.
• Reread chapter 1 for ideas about social perspectives.
• You will be graded on your ability to meet the required elements, content, APA writing style and format, grammar, and scholarly references.
• Your scholarly reference means your textbook, my PowerPoint (SK notes) and the film or
cartoon you select.