Research early human ancestor (Australopithecus or Homo)

Due: Sunday at 11:59 PM

Our ancestors cover a diverse range of hominids across time and space. There are many ancestral lineages which faced the ultimate fate of extinction over time, but each played a significant role in the story of human evolution. I would like for you to write a brief paper about the one you found most interesting.
What I Want You To Do
I want you to select a early human ancestor (Australopithecus or Homo) that interests you and write a brief paper about them. Be sure to include:
When and where they existed.
Significant morphological features.
Significant cultural or behavioral adaptations that the particular species utilized.
Anything else you may want to add.
Helpful Hints and Suggestions
In order to successfully complete this assignment I would like you to make sure to do the following with your paper:
Make sure it is about 3-4 pages. So that means about 750-1000 words. I’m not going to be crazy about this, but it should be 700 plus at least or your getting deducted points.
Include your sources at the end; there should be at least two.
If you want to include an image you can.
Submit it using the text box for the assignment. If you write it in a separate document use ctrl+v to paste it in the text box.
Don’t just copy and past an article put it in your own words.