Social Movements Song

Choose a protest song that you are interested in. There are a variety of lists on the internet. Here is a very good one: (Links to an external site.)

You should LISTEN to the song and READ the lyrics.
After listening to your song AND reading the lyrics, answer the following questions:
Who is the artist?
Did the artist WRITE the song? If not, who did?
When was it written / performed?
What are the lyrics to the song (please include all lyrics and edit inappropriate language)?
What is the main THEME of the protest song (war, peace, racism, etc.) ?
What is the historical/political context surrounding this song?
What do you think is the main message of the song?
What is the political ideology of this song?


Assignment Grading Rubric 10 points (1)

Assignment Grading Rubric 10 points (1)



This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome


to >45.0 pts

Exceeds Expectations
Responses reflect sufficient detail and directly address the assignment prompts. Provided relevant concise responses.

to >37.5 pts

Meets Expectations
Responses were somewhat relevant and/or topic was partially answered.
Responses stayed on point at times.

to >0 pts

Falls Short of Expectations
Responses lacked logic and coherence.
Responses digressed from prompts.

50 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

Timeliness and Relevance

to >9.0 pts

Exceeds Expectations
Assignment uploaded on or before due date; organized, clear responses were complete.

to >7.5 pts

Meets Expectations
Assignment at the assigned due date; somewhat organized responses were somewhat clear.

to >0 pts

Falls Short of Expectations
Assignment uploaded far after due date. Disorganized responses were too minimal or unclear.

10 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome

Writing and Critical Thinking Skills

to >36.0 pts

Exceeds Expectations
Posed issues from multiple viewpoints using theories and principles detailed in the assigned readings.
Provided provocative responses to questions.

to >30.0 pts

Meets Expectations
Posed a few issues from single or limited viewpoints.
Writing was unclear or lacking focus.

to >0 pts

Falls Short of Expectations
Failed to pose issues or posed them from single viewpoints reflecting unclear presentation and/or thinking.

40 pts

Total Points: