Team Excellence Outline

Introduction and Alignment

According to Ted A. James, MD, MHCM of Harvard Medical School, team based care can improve the safety, efficiency and quality of healthcare. Leveraging the unique skill set and perspective that each member brings to the team enables us to meet patients’ needs and advance the health of populations. There is growing evidence on the relationship between teamwork and patient outcomes.

Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:

Outline the conditions that contribute to team excellence.

Read: Developing a team performance framework for the intensive care unit Case Study.
Teams are essential to providing quality, value-based healthcare. After reading the article, describe the skills required for effective team performance. List and describe the specific factors discussed in the article that enhance team effectiveness and why they are necessary to provide quality healthcare.

Case study outlining the skills needed for effective team performance. Include specific factors that enhance team effectiveness and why they are essential to providing quality healthcare.
Include an abstract summarizing in a short, descriptive paragraph overviewing the entire study from the introduction to the findings of the research.
Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed supporting resources beyond the textbook utilizing APA formatting.
Use the assignment rubric to guide your efforts.